How do we do it?

We are the leading social media marketing agency in Kenya when it comes to producing results for businesses just like yours. We have experience in growing companies online through social media marketing strategies that are guranteed to help you get more prospects and customers.

Our social media marketing  services are tailored for every client that we work with. We craft elaborate campaigns that will help to grow your brand through mentions, likes, and shares on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

How We Work

Content Creation

First off, we’ll engage you to understand what you wish to achieve from social media marketing. From there, we’ll come up with a plan that will help you achieve the specific goals. We’ll create content for your preferred socia l media channels that will inform, inspire, and entertain your audience to get them engaging with your brand.


Post Management

Depending on the goals and KPIs we’ve agreed upon with you, we’ll manage your posts either daily, weekly, or a specific timeframe. For Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’ll respond to your audience within a few hours to ensure they get the information they need about your brand, products, or services.


Awareness & Engagement

Our social media marketing team will interact and engage your prospects and customers consistently to ensure that your social media pages get likes, tweets, retweets, comments and shares. All these will help to warm up your audience to your brand  and drive up conversions.


Track & Measure Growth

We’ll use both organic and paid advertising to increase your brand’s visibility on social media channels. Our team will craft and optimize your social media campaigns to ensure you are getting relevant followers that are interested in your offers. We’ll track and refine the methods to ensure you get the best results from our campaigns.